Meet The Team – Scott Lancaster

By Kate Ilsley,

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We sat down with Scott, who explained in depth about his Microsoft Dynamics specialisation and shared with us his learnings from his extensive 6 year career so far. 


Hi Scott, what’syour role at Method? 


I specialise in recruitment in the Dynamics 365 space Australia wide, this includes all D365 CE, D365 F&O and D365 Business Central. 


Why did you choose your specialisation?  


I’ve always worked in Microsoft recruitment and still felt that was too big of an area to specialise in so I wanted to narrow it down. Last year during COVID I noticed that Dynamics was an area where a lot of projects were getting put on hold, so I knew they all had to come back on at some point (as everyone will eventually need to upgrade to D365). This, coupled with the fact that Microsoft have made D365 one of their main growth areas this year made it a no brainer that it was going to be in for a huge year in this space… and so far I have been right! 


Why do you think specialising is so important? 


I can honestly say over the last 6 years of my recruitment career this is the first time I have properly specialised and found my niche and I am getting the best results I have ever had. Out of the last 5 placements I have placed, 4 of them were candidates I have had on my radar for 6 months or more. I also think that only working with 1 technology stack means you get to know a lot more about it and become more credible. 


What’s the best thing about your role?  


It’s hard to choose the one best thing about working at Method but I have narrowed it down to two. Firstly, the culture that Ben, Steve, Greg and Martha have created is second to none. I worked for a couple of brilliant recruitment firms back in the UK and was unsure if I would find anywhere that good to work in Australia, turns out I have found somewhere even better!  


Secondly, the people. What a good bunch we have. There is a stereotypical “recruiter” type that often puts people off working in the industry and I can honestly say there isn’t a single person like that at Method. Loads of people who work hard, have great motivation to do well and also have a laugh and really care about each other. 


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?  


This ties back into my earlier answers, but I would definitely tell my younger self to specialise from the start of my career. For too long I was spreading myself thin over lots of different roles/technologies and I was a jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t believe you can offer true value to a client unless you know your market inside out. 


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 


A Wigan Kebab –  


Get in touch with Scott to talk more about recruiting high quality D365 professionals to your team, or if you are in the Dynamics space and looking for your next move, please reach out.   

Meet The Team – Lily Cox

By Kate Ilsley,


We loved catching up with Lily, she really has a common theme in all her (work and volunteer) pursuits that stem from her purpose of helping others grow. 


Hi Lily. What’s your role at Method?

I am a Senior Consultant across Digital and Marketing Positions in Melbourne.

I recruit across a variety of marketing roles in Melbourne. I have four and a half years experience in this space and just over 6 years of recruitment experience.


What’s the best thing about your role?

I have a real passion for the space I recruit in, I love talking everything marketing and often find myself upskilling in the space in my own time. But my favourite part of my job is the ability to influence a massive part of someone’s life and help shape their career. It’s the best feeling having found someone their dream job. And the ability to keep in touch with those people I’ve place and see how they have grown in their new role!


What do you tell your mates about Method?

Work doesn’t feel like work when you are surrounded by friends! Although I’ve been with Method for just under a year, I can truly say I have found some lifelong friends here. We have such a great time in the office and outside of work that it really makes work a fun place to be!


What do you do outside of work that you are passionate about?

In my spare time I volunteer as a committee member for a not for profit organisation called Marketing Women Inc. It an organisation that was built for women in marketing by women in marketing.

It is designed to help to support, educate and inspire women in marketing in their professional career development. We provide a platform for women at all levels of their career and across a range of different industries to network, connect and learn from each other.

It’s an amazing platform to help individuals network. Marketing Women Inc is built up of by such inspiring women – on the committee and on our mentor programs. Its something I am really passionate about and it’s a really rewarding way to help others navigate their career in marketing and encourage women to strive for those senior leadership roles!

If you would like to find out more follow Marketing Women Inc on Linkedin to find out how you can get involved.


What is something we might not know about you? 

I have a huge love of dogs, I would have 5 if I could! Unfortunately I’m not in a position to have one at the moment so instead I am a regular at fostering dogs, its heartbreaking to give them away when they are adopted but it’s the most rewarding thing. You go on a journey with each dog, they always have such different individual personalities and each time I get closer and closer to adopting them myself.


Get in touch with Lily to talk more about recruiting top class Marketing professionals to your team, or if you’re looking for your next move in marketing please reach out.

Meet The Team – Allyson Ifergan

By Kate Ilsley,

We sat down with Ally to learn more about her role as a Senior Consultant working across the Government sector. Alongside her career stories, she surprised us with tales of shark cage diving and bungee jumping.  


Hi Ally, what’s your role at Method?

My role at Method is Senior Consultant – Government.

I focus around identifying new opportunities within the State and Federal Public Sector by developing new client relationships and strengthening existing client relationships. Additionally, I recruit for the Public Sector IT roles and thus have the opportunity to meet new talent everyday.


What’s the best thing about your role?

The people! There are so many talented individuals in my specialisation, and I truly feel lucky to meet the candidates and guide them to their path of success.

On the client side, I have the opportunity to liaise with our Federal and State Government key stakeholders, so it is fascinating to hear about the new IT projects on the horizon.


What’s a recent moment you’re most proud of?

That’s an easy one – I am always so happy to see a happy candidate placed in their dream role! I take pride in meeting both my clients and candidates and getting to know them on a deeper level, this way when the right opportunity comes up, I can “match-make” them with confidence!

Recently, I placed a System Administrator with his first ever State Government permanent role, as he has been keen to get into the public sector for some time. At the end of the day, this candidate did most of the hard work by interviewing and answering Key Selection Criteria, however it is fulfilling to know I am on that journey with them.


Why did you join Method?

The culture. Without a doubt, the vibe at Method is unparalleled. Each and every one of us brings something unique to the table, and unlike other organisations where they might try to dim that sparkle, Method celebrates our individuality. For example, Method continuously puts out surveys to their staff, in order to ensure they are getting the most out of role. It feels great to know that we have a say in various topics and our voice matters.


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?

It will all fall into place.


What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

One thing many people might not know about me, is that I love all things daring:

  • Ziplining upside down in the Costa Rican jungle
  • Cliff repelling in Thailand
  • Bungee jumping in Canada & the Philippines
  • Skydiving in Australia & New Zealand
  • Shark cage diving in Australia
  • Scuba diving with sharks and piranhas in Cuba……..the list goes on!


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Meet The Team – Matt Hammerton

By Kate Ilsley,


We sat down for a quick catch up with our Cyber Security Consultant Matt, who has previously worked in a SOC.  He shares how he started the Australian Infosec Collective which is a pro-bono group he’s set up to assist small businesses.


Hi Matt, why did you choose your specialisation?

Cyber security is one of the most interesting, dynamic and rapidly changing areas of IT. The people are fascinating and the technology changes on a near monthly basis!


How did you end up specialising in cyber security?

I joined a Technical Cyber Security Consultancy fresh out of university in the UK. The business had an external recruitment team that I joined. Sitting so close to the techies really helped me specialise in cyber – security operations especially.


What do you tell your mates about Method?

It’s the most fun group of people I have ever worked with. The culture is unbelievable and the goals are ambitious which makes the best environment.


What keeps you at Method?

The people.


What’s your favourite thing about your career so far?

Over the past 12 months I have built out a group of security professionals offering pro-bono cyber security advice to independently owned Australian businesses.  This was born out of the urgent need to move online last year, and I found many small business owners weren’t aware or equipped with the know-how to transfer to working remote safely.  I loved that my network of experts were keen to provide pro-bono support, so set up the AIC to connect these two groups together.

Join the Australian Infosec Collective Group on Linkedin to get involved!


Favourite drink?

I like big heavy IPAs that make you squint.


Get in touch with Matt to talk more about recruiting top class cyber security professionals to your team, or if you’re a SOC Analyst looking for your next move in the finance, defense or telco sector.

Meet The Team – Kirsten Dugan

By Kate Ilsley,


We sat down for a quick coffee break with Kirsten Dugan.  As a Principal Consultant, she shared with us a bit about her wealth of local and overseas experience she brings to her role. 


Hi Kirsten, what’s your role at Method? 

I’m a Principal Consultant based in our Accountancy & Finance business in Melbourne. My role involves partnering with clients across the NFP, Health and Education sectors to source them excellent qualified accounting staff.  


What’s the best thing about your role? 

The best thing about my role is all the people I engage with on a day-to-day. It’s really satisfying getting to know a client well enough to offer them sound advice, and equally I love my candidates, especially those I’ve known for a number of years. It’s the best feeling calling someone and letting them know they aced their interview and got the job!  


Why did you choose your specialisation? 

Before moving to Australia, I worked in the Not-for-Profit sector for a number of years; this has given me a real insight in to working in the sector, and has driven my passion for partnering with these clients in Melbourne. With regards to finance, apart from some maths and finance at University, this was a big learning curve for me! I have considered trying to recruit something else, but actually really enjoy the changing landscape of finance and how valuable it is to every organisation I work with.  


What do you tell your mates about Method? 

I always tell them that I’ve never worked anywhere like Method! The culture of the business is second to none, and it’s a genuinely collaborative, autonomous and fun environment.  


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career? 

I think having a mentor is incredibly valuable (at any age), if you can find someone you trust and gel with. Other than that, not putting too much pressure on myself and trusting my instincts (it did bring me all the way from Scotland to Australia six years ago, after all!) 


Favourite drink? 

No question: Irn Bru (very grateful it’s available in Melbourne!) 


Get in touch with Kirsten to talk more about recruiting top class finance professionals to your team, or if you’re a qualified accountant looking for their next move in the NFP, health or education sectors.