Method Recruitment is changing the way we deliver solutions; our business is built around our Employee Value Proposition.

Our team is coached and nurtured as we grow with career opportunities in the boutique world continuing to arise. Recruitment is renowned for a high turnover of staff so our prime objective is to reject this notion by giving our employees the opportunity to run their own business within a structured framework.

To achieve this goal, we have built a fun team based culture founded in trust and respect for our employees contributing to our harmonious work environment.

We look after our consultants. We want to offer developmental road maps to help our work force grow and engage, in order to maximise their potential. You will have a voice at the table; we listen to our employees and encourage their contribution - we will be looking to build our success around you!

Benefits that will knock your socks off!

We offer:

  • Free financial advice through external parties.
  • Gym membership.
  • Transparent financial reward schemes.
  • And most of all - a work place to rival any other.

Join the revolution…. Will I have the opportunity to work flexible working hours? Yes, we cultivate a mature environment and understand that people work to live, not the other way around.

KPI driven environments are not for me - is Method like that?
Definitely not, KPI driven environments are counterproductive! We work smarter, not harder.

Will I get paid fairly?
Absolutely! We have a transparent scheme that will propel your earning potential above most boutiques in Australia.

Is your business relationship based?
Of course! We believe that repeat business is King and that is based on the quality of service and a common understanding of goals - using our great networking skills to our benefit.

Can I develop my own business?
We wouldn’t be hiring you if we didn’t want you to develop your career and set you up to build a business within a business.

What are the benefits?
Flexible working hours, remote access, laptop/phone, awesome fun offices, career road mapping, brilliant collaboration technologies across all platforms and the best managers to work alongside.

Will I have the freedom to work independently?
We adopt an honest approach and trust our employees to deliver great results by providing ongoing mentoring.