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Meet The Team – Jack Stewart

By Kate Ilsley,

We sat down with Jack, who talked about his passion for his work and shared a recent partnership with a fast-growing Edutech Saas business.


Hi  Jack, whats  your role at Method? 

Technology Consultant, recruiting roles across Product, Delivery & Business Analysis. I enable businesses to adapt and transform in the ever-changing IT Landscape. I recruit evenly across both contract and permanent roles. 


What’s the best thing about your role? 

It would have to be partnering with a fast-growing Edutech SaaS business that were strategically scaling their technology team during COVID-19. I helped place 2 Delivery Managers and consult on a Senior Product Manager. These were new roles within the business and extremely important to their strategic growth, requiring individuals that had set up product capability & delivery framework in greenfield environments. It was humbling to receive positive feedback from the hiring manager regarding the way the process was run, as well as from my candidates in how I represented the company and looked after their best interests. 


What’s the best thing about your role?   

Being able to help people and make their lives easier in an industry that can be stressful and overly complicated. I often hear feedback that hiring in a candidate-short market or looking for a new role can be difficult at the best of times. 

Seeing businesses grow and careers develop as a result of your hard work is very satisfying. I am a people person, and the relationships that I am able to build can’t be beat. 


What keeps you at  Method? 

The culture and the care the company has for its people. The Directors really believe in their company mission which creates buy-in across the organisation. They do their upmost to create opportunity for their people and genuinely want to see them succeed. 

How a company treats its people during a global pandemic speaks volumes, and Method did everything it could to look after its employees and give them confidence in where the business was heading. We have now come out the other side much stronger, and that is in no small part due to the way the Directors empowered their team and strategically hired during 2020. 


What motivates  you to work hard? 

To allow me to spend time with the people that I love and do things I really enjoy doing – travelling and experiencing the foreign / unknown.

I don’t see my career simply as a facilitator for my non-professional lifestyle, but rather a passion in itself. I get a lot of satisfaction out of growing myself and continue making steps to what is next in my career, picking up new skills and personal attributes that help me continue to grow as a person. As my brother used to say, honour the work! 


Favourite sports team? 

The Adelaide Crows. Growing up in NRL heartland Canberra, I wasn’t exposed to the game till I was 8 years old. My Dad coming from South Australia, I flew over to Adelaide for the ‘98 Grand Final and hopped right on the bandwagon. It’s been an up and down 20 years since then – I am forever the optimist. 


Get in touch with Jack to talk more about  recruiting top class  Product, Delivery & Analysis professionals to your team, or if you’re an IT professional  looking for your next move in the Melbourne’s technology sector.  

Meet The Team – Sophia Marek

By Kate Ilsley,

We sat down with Sophia, who found her passion in Data, Analytics and BI after recruiting DBAs for 20 years. 


Hi  Sophia, whatsyour role at Method? 

I’m a Principal Consultant, recruiting across all roles in Data, Analytics and BI. I work across contract and permanent roles. 


What’s the best thing about your role? 

I love helping candidates and clients find their perfect match within Data, Analytics and BI. 


What’sa recent moment you’re most proud of?  

I’m happy with all placements I have made. Being a specialist in my market, I build long term relationships.  For example, a candidate might be not quite suited for one role and then later down the line, I place them somewhere else. I value my candidates and work hard to place them. I have worked hard to ensure I have a good reputation in the Melbourne marketplace with candidates and clients alike. 

Clients know me for providing quality candidates, feedback during the recruitment process and saying it how it is. 


If you had to choose 1 Method value, which one do you think you embody the most? 

Family is the Method Value I embody the most. 


What’syour favourite thing about your career so far? 

I recruited DBAs for over 20 years and then moved into my passion area: data and analytics. 


How would your colleagues describe you? 

I’m loud, love to talk, honest and direct. I have no volume control. 


Get in touch with Sophia if you want to work with someone who is passionate about what they do across Data, Analytics and BI. 


Meet The Team – Scott Lancaster

By Kate Ilsley,

Header Headshot and Name

We sat down with Scott, who explained in depth about his Microsoft Dynamics specialisation and shared with us his learnings from his extensive 6 year career so far. 


Hi Scott, what’syour role at Method? 


I specialise in recruitment in the Dynamics 365 space Australia wide, this includes all D365 CE, D365 F&O and D365 Business Central. 


Why did you choose your specialisation?  


I’ve always worked in Microsoft recruitment and still felt that was too big of an area to specialise in so I wanted to narrow it down. Last year during COVID I noticed that Dynamics was an area where a lot of projects were getting put on hold, so I knew they all had to come back on at some point (as everyone will eventually need to upgrade to D365). This, coupled with the fact that Microsoft have made D365 one of their main growth areas this year made it a no brainer that it was going to be in for a huge year in this space… and so far I have been right! 


Why do you think specialising is so important? 


I can honestly say over the last 6 years of my recruitment career this is the first time I have properly specialised and found my niche and I am getting the best results I have ever had. Out of the last 5 placements I have placed, 4 of them were candidates I have had on my radar for 6 months or more. I also think that only working with 1 technology stack means you get to know a lot more about it and become more credible. 


What’s the best thing about your role?  


It’s hard to choose the one best thing about working at Method but I have narrowed it down to two. Firstly, the culture that Ben, Steve, Greg and Martha have created is second to none. I worked for a couple of brilliant recruitment firms back in the UK and was unsure if I would find anywhere that good to work in Australia, turns out I have found somewhere even better!  


Secondly, the people. What a good bunch we have. There is a stereotypical “recruiter” type that often puts people off working in the industry and I can honestly say there isn’t a single person like that at Method. Loads of people who work hard, have great motivation to do well and also have a laugh and really care about each other. 


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?  


This ties back into my earlier answers, but I would definitely tell my younger self to specialise from the start of my career. For too long I was spreading myself thin over lots of different roles/technologies and I was a jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t believe you can offer true value to a client unless you know your market inside out. 


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 


A Wigan Kebab –  


Get in touch with Scott to talk more about recruiting high quality D365 professionals to your team, or if you are in the Dynamics space and looking for your next move, please reach out.   

Meet The Team – Lily Cox

By Kate Ilsley,


We loved catching up with Lily, she really has a common theme in all her (work and volunteer) pursuits that stem from her purpose of helping others grow. 


Hi Lily. What’s your role at Method?

I am a Senior Consultant across Digital and Marketing Positions in Melbourne.

I recruit across a variety of marketing roles in Melbourne. I have four and a half years experience in this space and just over 6 years of recruitment experience.


What’s the best thing about your role?

I have a real passion for the space I recruit in, I love talking everything marketing and often find myself upskilling in the space in my own time. But my favourite part of my job is the ability to influence a massive part of someone’s life and help shape their career. It’s the best feeling having found someone their dream job. And the ability to keep in touch with those people I’ve place and see how they have grown in their new role!


What do you tell your mates about Method?

Work doesn’t feel like work when you are surrounded by friends! Although I’ve been with Method for just under a year, I can truly say I have found some lifelong friends here. We have such a great time in the office and outside of work that it really makes work a fun place to be!


What do you do outside of work that you are passionate about?

In my spare time I volunteer as a committee member for a not for profit organisation called Marketing Women Inc. It an organisation that was built for women in marketing by women in marketing.

It is designed to help to support, educate and inspire women in marketing in their professional career development. We provide a platform for women at all levels of their career and across a range of different industries to network, connect and learn from each other.

It’s an amazing platform to help individuals network. Marketing Women Inc is built up of by such inspiring women – on the committee and on our mentor programs. Its something I am really passionate about and it’s a really rewarding way to help others navigate their career in marketing and encourage women to strive for those senior leadership roles!

If you would like to find out more follow Marketing Women Inc on Linkedin to find out how you can get involved.


What is something we might not know about you? 

I have a huge love of dogs, I would have 5 if I could! Unfortunately I’m not in a position to have one at the moment so instead I am a regular at fostering dogs, its heartbreaking to give them away when they are adopted but it’s the most rewarding thing. You go on a journey with each dog, they always have such different individual personalities and each time I get closer and closer to adopting them myself.


Get in touch with Lily to talk more about recruiting top class Marketing professionals to your team, or if you’re looking for your next move in marketing please reach out.

Meet The Team – Allyson Ifergan

By Kate Ilsley,

We sat down with Ally to learn more about her role as a Senior Consultant working across the Government sector. Alongside her career stories, she surprised us with tales of shark cage diving and bungee jumping.  


Hi Ally, what’s your role at Method?

My role at Method is Senior Consultant – Government.

I focus around identifying new opportunities within the State and Federal Public Sector by developing new client relationships and strengthening existing client relationships. Additionally, I recruit for the Public Sector IT roles and thus have the opportunity to meet new talent everyday.


What’s the best thing about your role?

The people! There are so many talented individuals in my specialisation, and I truly feel lucky to meet the candidates and guide them to their path of success.

On the client side, I have the opportunity to liaise with our Federal and State Government key stakeholders, so it is fascinating to hear about the new IT projects on the horizon.


What’s a recent moment you’re most proud of?

That’s an easy one – I am always so happy to see a happy candidate placed in their dream role! I take pride in meeting both my clients and candidates and getting to know them on a deeper level, this way when the right opportunity comes up, I can “match-make” them with confidence!

Recently, I placed a System Administrator with his first ever State Government permanent role, as he has been keen to get into the public sector for some time. At the end of the day, this candidate did most of the hard work by interviewing and answering Key Selection Criteria, however it is fulfilling to know I am on that journey with them.


Why did you join Method?

The culture. Without a doubt, the vibe at Method is unparalleled. Each and every one of us brings something unique to the table, and unlike other organisations where they might try to dim that sparkle, Method celebrates our individuality. For example, Method continuously puts out surveys to their staff, in order to ensure they are getting the most out of role. It feels great to know that we have a say in various topics and our voice matters.


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?

It will all fall into place.


What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

One thing many people might not know about me, is that I love all things daring:

  • Ziplining upside down in the Costa Rican jungle
  • Cliff repelling in Thailand
  • Bungee jumping in Canada & the Philippines
  • Skydiving in Australia & New Zealand
  • Shark cage diving in Australia
  • Scuba diving with sharks and piranhas in Cuba……..the list goes on!


Get in touch with Ally to talk more about recruiting top class IT professionals to your team, or if you’re an IT candidate with experience looking for your next move in the Public sector.

Meet The Team – Matt Hammerton

By Kate Ilsley,


We sat down for a quick catch up with our Cyber Security Consultant Matt, who has previously worked in a SOC.  He shares how he started the Australian Infosec Collective which is a pro-bono group he’s set up to assist small businesses.


Hi Matt, why did you choose your specialisation?

Cyber security is one of the most interesting, dynamic and rapidly changing areas of IT. The people are fascinating and the technology changes on a near monthly basis!


How did you end up specialising in cyber security?

I joined a Technical Cyber Security Consultancy fresh out of university in the UK. The business had an external recruitment team that I joined. Sitting so close to the techies really helped me specialise in cyber – security operations especially.


What do you tell your mates about Method?

It’s the most fun group of people I have ever worked with. The culture is unbelievable and the goals are ambitious which makes the best environment.


What keeps you at Method?

The people.


What’s your favourite thing about your career so far?

Over the past 12 months I have built out a group of security professionals offering pro-bono cyber security advice to independently owned Australian businesses.  This was born out of the urgent need to move online last year, and I found many small business owners weren’t aware or equipped with the know-how to transfer to working remote safely.  I loved that my network of experts were keen to provide pro-bono support, so set up the AIC to connect these two groups together.

Join the Australian Infosec Collective Group on Linkedin to get involved!


Favourite drink?

I like big heavy IPAs that make you squint.


Get in touch with Matt to talk more about recruiting top class cyber security professionals to your team, or if you’re a SOC Analyst looking for your next move in the finance, defense or telco sector.

Meet The Team – Kirsten Dugan

By Kate Ilsley,


We sat down for a quick coffee break with Kirsten Dugan.  As a Principal Consultant, she shared with us a bit about her wealth of local and overseas experience she brings to her role. 


Hi Kirsten, what’s your role at Method? 

I’m a Principal Consultant based in our Accountancy & Finance business in Melbourne. My role involves partnering with clients across the NFP, Health and Education sectors to source them excellent qualified accounting staff.  


What’s the best thing about your role? 

The best thing about my role is all the people I engage with on a day-to-day. It’s really satisfying getting to know a client well enough to offer them sound advice, and equally I love my candidates, especially those I’ve known for a number of years. It’s the best feeling calling someone and letting them know they aced their interview and got the job!  


Why did you choose your specialisation? 

Before moving to Australia, I worked in the Not-for-Profit sector for a number of years; this has given me a real insight in to working in the sector, and has driven my passion for partnering with these clients in Melbourne. With regards to finance, apart from some maths and finance at University, this was a big learning curve for me! I have considered trying to recruit something else, but actually really enjoy the changing landscape of finance and how valuable it is to every organisation I work with.  


What do you tell your mates about Method? 

I always tell them that I’ve never worked anywhere like Method! The culture of the business is second to none, and it’s a genuinely collaborative, autonomous and fun environment.  


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career? 

I think having a mentor is incredibly valuable (at any age), if you can find someone you trust and gel with. Other than that, not putting too much pressure on myself and trusting my instincts (it did bring me all the way from Scotland to Australia six years ago, after all!) 


Favourite drink? 

No question: Irn Bru (very grateful it’s available in Melbourne!) 


Get in touch with Kirsten to talk more about recruiting top class finance professionals to your team, or if you’re a qualified accountant looking for their next move in the NFP, health or education sectors.  

Digital in Uncertain Times – The Current Climate and how will it Change in Light of COVID19?

By Ben Brown,

Crisis breeds innovation, COVID19 will change the way we do business forever. The landscape will look very different on the other side. A “great reset” will follow. Scary for some, unprecedented opportunity for the ambitious. It’s not about predicting what might happen, it’s about being prepared.

What should we be posting on social media during COVID-19?

Engagement Posts

Devise a communications strategy and keep your community informed:

    • Are you trading, are you open/closed?
    • Do you have amended trading hours?
    • What measures have you taken to ensure customer and client safety is paramount?
    • Keep customers informed on how you are navigating the current situation.
    • Think long term, how you treat your customers in a crisis will pay you back in spades.

Paid Campaigns

Build new campaigns specific to the current climate and test creatives, keep content evergreen. Understand your audience, put yourselves in their shoes and position your product or service as a problem solver.


How to build a sensitive marketing strategy?

Practice responsible marketing.

Devise a communications strategy and keep your community informed:

List of Don’ts:

    • Don’t be tone-deaf
    • Don’t take advantage of consumers for a short term win
    • Don’t be pushy
    • Don’t appear desperate
    • Avoid heavy discounting of your product or service

In its simplest form, use common sense and build trust and loyalty in these times.

For example at Digital360 we are in a nurturing phase, We aren’t aggressively pitching new business. Focus on adding value to every touchpoint and customer interaction. Stay engaged with your pipeline, those relationships may translate into a future relationship. Position for the long term and be extremely responsive to your customer base.

Post COVID-19 what will the digital marketing landscape look like, and what will the new normal be?

Savvy companies will take the opportunity to increase their market share.

Others will reduce, pause or go into prolonged marketing hibernation as they await a clearer picture to emerge.

Those who choose to hibernate will find it increasingly difficult to recapture lost market share as competitors accelerate their efforts and budgets in a quieter market.

Companies who choose to accelerate their efforts will increase their market share, allowing them to gain a significant slice of the market for costs substantially lower than pre-COVID-19 market conditions.

Google Adwords impression share data, cost per click data and Google Trends can provide you with excellent statistics of how market dynamics have changed and continue to change.

76% of companies have picked up new habits, behaviours and changed elements of how they operate in light of COVID, adapt your marketing strategy to suit the new normal.

Should we tailor anything differently or pivot to attract and maintain a client base?

For customer acquisition focus your messaging and campaigns to show your prospect that you see the world through their lens, understand their challenges and how you can solve their problems. They are now facing new challenges they have not had to encounter before. Your marketing message should reflect understanding and problem-solving.

Maintaining a client relationship is the easier of the two, they know you, they already trust you. Focus on brand loyalty.

Is there going to be a delay in processing an order? Be upfront, don’t shy away, communicate and get on the front foot.

The human spirit shines bright in times of adversity, customers will be forgiving in these times. Communicate and brand loyalty you will build is priceless.

Developing a user-generated content strategy to drive customer engagement levels is a cost-effective method of driving new business and maintaining existing relationships, the sense of community helps others feel they are not isolated and part of something making a difference.

There are potentially lots of businesses coming out of this, how to get ahead of the competition.

From a business perspective, take the opportunity to get your house in order. Identify inefficiencies and areas of your business that are underperforming and make decisions.

Improve the product delivery of your solution, stand out from the crowd. We have been hard at work internally reviewing every facet of our business. How can you gain a competitive advantage?

From a digital perspective, invest in CRO and test, test, test. Can you improve your conversion rates by 1%? Small changes and improvements compound into substantial wins.

For example, you generate 10,000 sessions per month, your conversion rate to sale is 3% and your average yield is $1,000 per sale. Increasing your conversion rate to sale by 1% will generate an additional 100 sales per month which equate to an additional $1.2 million in revenue per year.

Ensure your content strategy is helping customers skip through the marketing funnel. Customers are lingering in the consideration phase of the funnel, researching now and buying later. Quick converters are taking more time before committing to a purchase. Quality content answering questions at each stage of the funnel will provide you with the greatest opportunity to convert prospects to a sale.

Justifying the spend on digital marketing during the current climate.

It can be a difficult decision, the immediate instinct may be to cut costs ASAP. Revenue is falling, the pipeline is shot and holding onto cash becomes priority number one.

Now the initial panic of COVID has subsided, the question turns to growth. If your business has been affected by COVID what’s your plan to acquire new customers to replace the customers you have lost?

Can you afford not to invest in digital marketing to attract new customers? Invest smarter, understand the ROI of your digital marketing activities and invest in the channels that are providing you with a return.

Many markets and niches are less competitive than pre-COVID. Your spend will get you further, get in front of your prospects and strip market share from your competitors to inherit a larger slice of the market as it rebounds.

At the time of writing, I have seen many industries substantially ramp up their efforts as the race to acquire new customers heats up, resulting in higher bid prices than pre-COVID. The majority of your competitors will spend for the sake of generating activity without doing the maths. Understanding your ROI and LTV (customer lifetime value) will provide you with a competitive advantage to invest more wisely.

How to measure digital marketing effectiveness/ROI when spending needs to be monitored so closely.

Work with a quality digital partner that can provide you with this information, if you are not getting it, find a new provider.

Is your digital partner is showing you flashy reports with graphs of sessions, engagement statistics and conversions? If so, it is difficult to ascertain your lead relevancy percentage, if that lead generated a sale, the value of that sale and the lifetime value of that sale to understand true ROI. (E-commerce excluded)

If your digital partner is unable to provide you with this information, as a minimum ensure call intelligence software with dynamic numbers per marketing source is set up and firing. Ensure goals (such as form fills) are set up in Google Analytics to provide you with accurate conversion data. Ensure events are not set up as goals which pollute your conversion data and reporting.

We are thankful that we have built a platform that provides our clients with end to end marketing attribution so we can show our non-e-commerce clients true ROI on all their marketing investment. If you’re not getting it, work with us?

The other platform which can help highlight lead to sale is HubSpot. Work with a quality implementation specialist to ensure you are getting the best insights from your installation.

Alternatively, many long hours building spreadsheets, normalising data across various sources is another option. Cross-referencing lead and customer lists in your CRM with invoices in your accounting system can provide you with vital insights but is time-consuming and difficult to scale.

There are some great BI platforms that can be custom-built for your business if you have the budget and patience.

What markets are performing, which markets aren’t performing and what are my competitors doing?

Hardest Hit

    • Tourism, Hospitality, Events Providers, Bricks and Mortar Retailers

Biggest Winners

    • Food & Grocery, Homewares, DIY, Professional Services, Trades and Aged Care

Those experiencing difficulties have experienced up to a 70% drop in organic sessions and 90% in revenue. There have been some rebounds from those lows in most industries as consumer confidence increases. Industries fortunate to be in verticals which have benefited from COVID have seen increases in organic sessions as high as 275% in a matter of days and weeks. Revenue increases have also been at record highs for businesses able to facilitate the high increase in transactions over a short period of time.

70% of companies over 500 people, reduced or paused their marketing spend since mid-February. 16% are still to determine what their future budgets will look like. It’s quite a staggering statistic.

Thankfully we haven’t found it to be quite as extreme in the SME space as most companies on a temporary pause or reduced programs have re-engaged to previous retainers as they look to capitalize on quieter market conditions.

Which marketing channel is driving the greatest return?

For new customer acquisition, we have found intent-based marketing, ie. SEO and Google Ads are providing the greatest ROI in this period.

For customers with an existing database of active and inactive customers at their disposal, running email and or SMS campaigns provides an extremely cost-effective method of generating a return vs new customer acquisition. Ideally, a marketing strategy utilizing a combination of both will drive you the greatest returns.

Social platforms currently represent value for money with lower CPM’s however we haven’t seen the same levels of return as intent-based channels.

Is my market expected to grow or contract?

This is a common question we get asked, keen to understand what’s happening in their market.

The initial shock and awe of COVID subsided mid-April and lasted approximately 4-6 weeks before the signs of recovery appeared.

For markets that have contracted I expect these to remain softer as COVID affects our economy in the coming months and potentially years to come. For competitive industries that have experienced a contraction, we expect to see a rush back to the market as companies attempt to recoup losses, however, this will not be sustainable. True market size indicators should be monitored carefully in the coming months.

For markets experiencing growth, I expect many of these to normalise to pre-COVID levels as we embark on the new normal. The best example of this is our supermarkets.

Excitingly, new industries and verticals will emerge. For example, work from home specialists providing turnkey equipment packages for home office spaces, renovation companies as workers repurpose their homes for permanent working from home will all be lucrative opportunities as the workforce adopts a permanent setup or home/office split.

Market activity across the board will be dictated by discretionary spend, unemployment figures and migration.

The longer the borders remain closed the tougher it will be for Victorian and Australian businesses to grow as population growth grinds to a halt.

This increase in population has provided a fertile ground for business growth in the last 20 years. A new playground has now been formed, the best will thrive and the weak who slowly embrace change or have a substandard product offering will not survive.

Is there an opportunity in my market to pivot?

For smaller companies, it’s easier to pivot as they often have the nimble infrastructure to adapt to change quickly. Mid and large size firms are stuck in a series of meetings trying to make a decision, presenting an opportunity for smaller operators.

We have consulted with many of our clients to execute a successful market pivot. Many have adopted a partial e-commerce model or online consultation model in light of their businesses unable to trade in the short term. Many of these pivots will be permanent additions to the business, opening up new revenue channels they never thought possible or realistic to penetrate.

My advice would be not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, pivot to survive but also take this opportunity to work on your product or solution. Those who are investing time and money into these activities be further ahead as the dust continues to settle.

Internally our UX team is hard at work scrutinizing, going deep into a battery of user tests to improve our platform to help us generate a competitive advantage as we adapt our go-to-market strategy.

How have a customer’s behaviours changed online? In lockdown are they are searching more/less in my industry?

Research and buying cycles in many have doubled or tripled upon review.

We are seeing users visit 10+ pages on a website, returning multiple times before making the decision to enquire or purchase.

User experience is so very underrated and I cannot stress the importance of it enough!

More downtime on users hands has allowed them to delve deep into researching the market before making a buying decision as companies compete for customers and consumers spend their hard-earned money in an unpredictable economic climate.

High-quality digital assets, evergreen content and a well-researched content strategy will provide you with the best opportunity to re-engage your dormant database or attract new customers.

How quickly can we build an e-commerce store?

This is probably my favourite question I get. Building a store is often a knee jerk reaction. There is an assumption that building an e-commerce store is a licence to print money. My existing customers will just shop online with me instead of coming into the store, right?

The best short term success with new store launches is marketing to existing customer databases to generate sales and provide your customer base with an alternative, seamless buying experience. On the flip side, we have seen many others in the industry quickly open stores that generate no sales and scratching their heads as to why? Many of these were not digital adopters prior to COVID and are quickly trying to adapt and figure out how e-tailing is a different game to traditional retail.

In bricks and mortar retail, you pay a premium to Chadstone to generate customers and foot traffic. Online stores are no different, digital marketing generates you new targeted audiences and store visits. Instead of paying a landlord for the privilege of that traffic, we need to pay the Gods of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

If your guiding your customers on transitioning to e-commerce, ensure budgets are available for short and long term marketing strategies and the business is geared in the back end to facilitate online orders.

Is now a bad time to start a new business?

Recessions are tough and there will always be naysayers who tell you starting a business is a bad idea. Throw in a pandemic and social distancing and people will think you’re nuts.

There is never a bad time to start a good business. Businesses such as GE, IBM, Disney, HP, Microsoft, EA Sports all started in the midst of a recession. Google weathered the dot-com bubble bursting shortly after their founding.

Here is a list of advantages of starting a new business in the midst of a recession:

  1. You can run a lean model, with few expenses and minimal overheads you will be able to outmaneuver your larger more established competitors
  2. High-quality talent is on the market and is looking for work
  3. Negotiating power, as suppliers and vendors scramble for new business, MOQs or business terms are more flexible
  4. Less competition. Others will hold off until market conditions improve, some established players will disappear and startups less likely to take a risk
  5. No legacy – build an efficient model free of legacy issues and systems which otherwise would hold you back


Mentor(SHE:) – Kate Illsley Experience as a Mentee

By Ben Brown,


Method Recruitment Group is so much more than just a working space. The business is built around an incredible culture that is defined by a set of beliefs and values that makes the organisation unique within the industry. Thus, Method provides an environment of growth, transparency and opportunities where employees feel supported and enjoy. In this article, we share how Kate Illsley, one of our Senior Consultants, embodies and embeds our values.

Kate started working for Method Recruitment Group in August 2016, by that time she was the only woman working for the company. At the start of 2017 her director, Ben Brown, suggested her to join VIC ICT for Women, since then she has been part of the organisation and started an incredible journey in the Mentor(SHE:) program; a program that supports women working in the Tech Sector. So far Kate has had the opportunity to be matched with three incredible mentors and she shares with us the responses she gave in an interview.

Mentee Interview 


Kate has been part of Mentor(SHE:) for a few years now. What makes her keep coming back?

Each mentor Kate have been paired with have come from a completely different industry and have been able to provide contrasting perspectives. Having access to a dedicated person to bounce ideas off throughout the year has been a tremendous help for her, especially when working to overcome imposter syndrome. 

Kate’s mentors’ stories of how they dealt with certain situations have helped her avoid making potential mistakes because she has been able to share in their learnings. They have helped to remove some obstacles, and at other times, simply giving her the confidence to try. 

How did Kate set her goals based on the ones that were set at the beginning of the program? 

Kate set her goals based on “Lessons from my 20s” by Ryan Allis. Her current mentor, Lisa, helped her break down her Google Doc table into more sizeable chunks so that it became less overwhelming. She helped Kate to prioritise by giving examples from her experience on what is achievable over certain time frames. 

Who are some leaders in the tech industry who Kate watch or appreciate?

The people Kate look up to in the Melbourne tech industry are the people on the ground putting together community events. Through volunteering for the Grad Girls program over the last few years, Kate has had the opportunity to meet some very inspirational people who give up their spare time to push for equality and inclusivity. Those are the people who inspire her to do more and give back. Countless people don’t always have their names in lights who you can learn from! Check out Women Who Code’s hashtag #ApplaudHer for inspiration. 

Kate has been in the recruitment industry for years. What are the changes she has seen? and what does she think job seekers should change or adapt?

Tech is constantly changing, and it changes fast. Kate believes that it is our soft skills that stand the test of time. She would always suggest developing communications skills and stakeholder management abilities no matter the level of the 

Tech is constantly changing, and it changes fast. Kate believes that it is our soft skills that stand the test of time. She would always suggest developing communications skills and stakeholder management abilities.

As part of the learnings of this journey, Kate highlights the benefits of joining a mentoring program and/or reaching industry leaders that are willing to help and share their experience. If you want to learn more – feel free to reach out to Kate at Method Recruitment Group for more info. 



By Ben Brown,

It’s true what they say, first impressions do count so we’ve provided you with some tips to create a positive impact on your first day at work. Showing predisposition, avoiding arrogance and trying to build constructive relationships are the key factors to succeed during the first few months.



A positive attitude and a smile are the best formula to start a new role. It will help you to commence building a good relationship with your colleagues, your peers and leadership. In addition, I also recommend to be genuine and natural, do not try to imitate anyone else because people will recognise your insincerity. Always remember that you will be evaluated not only by your technical skills but also by your attitude so it’s pivotal to be proactive and open minded.


The way you dress will represent how well you look after yourself and will indicate care factor. If you have the chance, ask your future boss or HR what is the dress code to ensure your not looking like the odd one out on your first day. Depending on the company’s culture they dress more formal or with a sporty/ casual and relax style. LITTLE TIP – you are not able to ask, then check the company’s social media to see the employees’ usual style.


Getting to know what people do and what are their names and roles will help you better integrate yourself to the team. A good way to do it is by building a floor plan with the names of the people sat around you and familiar yourself the company’s structure. It’s always good to know who’s who in the zoo.


Its better to ask sooner rather than later and make sure you take valid notes, there is nothing more embarrassing (or irritating) than someone asking the same question repeatedly because you haven’t documented what was discussed in the first instance. BIG TIP: Be curious, people will like the fact you are enthused by your work and contributing to team meetings early in the piece.



It’s always better to be early rather than late, so do your best to arrive on time on the first day at work, it says a lot about you. For example, how responsible you are, and how much you value your job. If you are going to be late – phone (don’t text) ahead to give your reporting manager the heads up.


Usually people appreciate new perspectives and opinions. However, it is important not to express your disenchantment from the very beginning. Get to know the way the company works, the reason behind each process and decisions before trying to change things. First listen and learn and then speak. People will be more receptive, and you will avoid building an arrogant image from the onset.


Usually the first day is a bit overwhelming. You get to know many people, many new names and faces. Also, you will receive a lot of information about your tasks and responsibilities, and in many cases, you have never done it before, or they are different. Hence, do not panic if you feel a little bit lost the first week, you have to be patient, previous studies suggested that people tend to feel comfortable and safe in a new job.


People that hear that you are criticising your previous boss or job could think that you will do the same thing afterwards and they could not trust you. As a result, try to avoid doing it and try to build a relationship based on trust, it will help you to grow inside the company, people will feel comfortable around you