Guy Aylward

Guy Aylward is a Consultant across Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps and Security technologies at Method Recruitment Group.

His role at Method is to manage a successful desk across both traditional and emerging areas of IT, through providing exceptional customer service to both clients and candidates alike. A previous leadership role in an HR-based industry has enabled Guy to understand the importance of clear, open and timely communication when fostering trusting and service-oriented professional relationships. In addition to being a ‘straight shooter’ when it comes to communication, Guy strives to provide genuine value-add by aligning himself with the goals and values of his professional contacts.

Speaking several modern languages, Guy is well-travelled and studied, having lived and worked in Western and Eastern Europe, SE Asia and the Far East before moving to Australia from the UK. These adventures and multi-cultural outlook have enabled Guy to truly be an effective communicator, a skillset invaluable when working in a people-oriented industry.

Outside of work Guy is a family man and a father, and on that rare occasion that he has a spare moment, he loves to immerse himself in the very unrewarding and incredibly frustrating hobby of being a West Ham fanatic! Getting a little too old and injury-prone now to play his sporting loves of football, cricket and squash, Guy keeps his belly at bay by jogging and chasing his daughter, cat and pet chicken around the house and garden. Guy is also a keen astronomer and loves to explore the night sky and the universe.

Guy holds a Bachelor of Arts, Joint Honours French and Russian (Bulgarian minor) from the University of Leeds and is also an awarded real estate auctioneer.