Irrah Beldera



Irrah (who goes by the name Aya), is based in Cebu, Philippines, and is responsible for the handling of every candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and the management of Method Recruitment Group’s database.

For Aya, she values working at an organisation that truly values their employees. Her work gives her the opportunity to express herself and reflect her contagious positive attitude. Always seeking a new challenge, Aya has a thirst for constant learning, which has seen her graduate with a Bachelor of Science and Hotel Management from the University of Cebu. The geographical distance between Australia and the Philippines provides no barrier for Aya, who is exceptionally prompt to communicate with, regardless of the time of day.

An avid movie enthusiast, Aya ritually watches the newest Japanese Anime. Outside of the home, she is a spontaneous adventurer, loving to wander to take nature photography.