Shawny Smith

Consultant – Payroll, Accounts Payable & Transactional Finance Business Support


Shawny Smith is a Recruitment Consultant at Method Recruitment Group, where she has an ever-growing network of Payroll professionals, as she has specialized in recruiting Payroll at all levels. Shawny has a focus on the individual allowing her to provide a genuine and transparent service.

Shawny believes that the individual is the most important of a component of a business, meaning that she researches the organisation, the wider industry and the required skills of the position to ensure that she finds the candidate who is the perfect fit. Her approach is to work from a relationship standpoint instead of a transactional approach. Shawny’s point of difference is that she does not only find top talent, but, coaches them to better understand where and whom they will be interviewing with.

Shawny started her professional career in recruitment having successfully made her way through a graduate recruitment program and progressing into an Accounting and Finance specialist. Shawny has had varied experience in the recruitment industry ranging from blue collar to white collar, government to commercial and working on multiple projects.

Outside of work Shawny enjoys spending time with her friends, family and partner Tim. With friends, Shawny can be seen playing a range of board games and computer games. Shawny is also an AFL fan supporting Geelong and enjoys going to support her team at the game.

Shawny holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Management and Human Resource Management from Deakin University.