Why Us?

Method Recruitment is a customer service focused recruitment agency – going above and beyond to obtain fantastic long-term solutions to build your team, find the right candidate for a hard-to-fill tech role or help you realise your career goals.

Whatever the objective, we strive to deliver a personalised and tailored customer experience with the passion and personality of a smaller company. We know how we would like to be treated and that is what we encourage here at Method. This personalised approach is employed by taking the time to listen and understand you; your priorities, career goals, the ideal candidate, the right culture fit – ultimately delivering the right opportunity for you or your company.

We are able to create transparency throughout the recruitment process by adopting an honest approach in a cost-effective way. We believe wholeheartedly in the notion that every member of the team can make a difference to our business and we work tirelessly to drive and promote these values throughout our daily work methods from how we deal with both candidates and clients and working together as a team at Method.



Growing in various ways is so important to the Method team and everyone we make contact with.  We love to grow our staff skillsets, networks and individuals in every way possible as this will help build our delivery long term.



At Method we are genuine and transparent in our approach.



Our staff are passionate in their recruitment areas and the people they work with. We love what we do and the satisfaction of helping our clients and candidates is pivotal.



We treat everyone as family and create a family culture internally where respect is everything.



We are GURUs. We specialise and know the intricate details of the markets we work in, making us experts in our field. We advise, council and mentor internally and externally to achieve outstanding outcomes.  Please feel free to ask our Gurus to get a full run down of the market and how we can help.